G9 Polish National Exams' results!

We would like to inform you that our G9 Polish students have got very good results in lower secondary school leaving examination (egzaminy gimnazjalne)


The averages in subjects:
History and social studies - 63,26% (the highest result: 94%),
The Polish language and literature - 83% (the highest result: 100%),
Maths - 68% (the highest result: 93%),
Science - 67% (the highest result: 89%),
The English language (standard level) – 100%,
The English language (high level) - 96,25% (the highest result: 100 %).


The best student was Zofia Błaszczyk. Her average from all the subjects is 95,6%.


Congratulations to all our students and all the teachers who helped them in to prepare to these exams. You are wonderful!


Marta Dereszyńska
MYP Coordinator