The School Year 2017-2018 Opening Ceremony

Dear Parents,

I am happy to inform you that the Joint Force Training Centre (see the map in the attachment) again will support the school year 2017-2018 opening in the Auditorium on Monday, 4 September
10.00 am PYP (Grade 0-5)
12.00 am MYP plus DP (Grade 6-12)

All parents interested to participate in the inauguration are requested to confirm their attendance. Car users will be requested to use the parking space outside of JFTC and enter from Eugeniusza Połtyna Street. The confirmation must be sent on this
Foot walkers will be requested to use the entrance from Szubińska Street.
After each opening ceremony there will be meetings with class teachers at ISoB, Galczynskiego 23 Street.
On that day there will be no ongoing classroom lessons, no lunch and no common room.

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Please see the draw of the agenda of the Inauguration below:

  1. "Ode to joy"
  2. Welcoming remarks by the student's representative.
  3. Welcoming remarks by JFTC representative.
  4. Welcoming remarks by the President of the University and the Principal of ISOB.
  5. Admission of new students to the school community.
  6. Closing remarks by the student's representative.

Here is also The Oath which will be said during "Admission of new students to the school community".

The oath:
Being aware of the rights and duties of the International School of Bydgoszcz as well as the responsibilities of a member of a school community, I hereby
solemnly swear:

I will seek the truth, the fundament of all science (I SWEAR)
I will gain lasting knowledge and abilities (I SWEAR)
I will uphold the norms, social standards and traditions of the school (I SWEAR)
I will cultivate the good name of our school and the honour of its students (I SWEAR)

The words of the oath of the new students will be asked to say the words "I SWEAR". This is what is indicated in parentheses.

Best regards,
ISoB Team