Community Project

Community Project (known also as Community and Service) requires engagement in the life of community at school and beyond it. It is supposed to make students more sensitive to other people's needs, teach them how to help others and develop a sense of responsibility for the group they are a part of. The key issues of this path are:

  • How to live and build relationships with other people?
  • What is my place and role in the life of the community?
  • In what ways I can help other people?

Students are required to devote 15 hours in a semester for Community Project activities. The activities they can include are: organization of the Earth Day, designing and taking care of the school garden, helping other students in learning, preparing learning aids, preparing the school performance for the School Day or the ending of the school year, cooperate with charities socio-therapeutical lounge, orphanages and PAH( Polish Humanitarian Action), etc.