Jatki fair outcome

Dear Parents,
We would like to express our deep appreciation for all the support we received for the fair in Jatki street this Saturday. Special thank you to Mrs Karolina Wendyńska - who was present the whole day and coordinated the whole event. 
We had not only a wonderful turnout of teachers, parents and students, but we also received amazing cakes, sweets and biscuits prepared by parents and teachers.
We are pleased to announce that we managed to collect 3,400 PLN which will of course, go to the children in Albania living in post conflict areas.
Thank you all once again for your amazing support. It was great to see such a strong school community spirit.
Imisława Górska
The Principal
International School of Bydgoszcz

Christmas party 2016

Dear Parents,
Please be informed about our Christmas party which will take place at JFTC on the 22 December from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. If you wish to bring any family members with you, please let Julia know their personal details as soon as possible because we need to send them to JFTC. Please note that common room is not available on that day.
We would like to ask for your help and support in preparing some national traditional Christmas dishes to share on that day. Thank you very much in advance.
The Christmas break starts on the 23rd December and finishes on the 6th January.
We kindly request that if your child will not attend the Christmas party please inform the teachers asap, as we are planning Christmas performances.
We wish you all the best in this festive season.
ISoB Team


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We are doing our best to recover the website and apologise for inconvenience.

Christmas fair 2016

Dear Parents,
We would like to remind everyone of the upcoming Christmas market in Jatki street this Saturday – on the 10th December.
We would like again to ask for your support. If any of you would be willing to bake a cake, sweets, or biscuits native to your country, please let me know, with the goods themselves to be dropped off at Jatki Street on Saturday at 12.00, or possibly to be delivered to school on Friday. For those who don't bake, we would be happy to see you at Jatki street to help man the tables for some time.
The Christmas market will be from 12.00 to 6.00 p.m. 
We would like to thank all the parents who have already signed up to bake something or come to help man the tables on these days.
The money raised from the sale of these goods will go to the children in Albania living in post-conflict areas. 
We hope to see you there!
ISoB Team
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Parents’ Council foundation to the ISoB library

Thanks to the founds from the Parents’ Council the ISoB library just got 30 new books.
The titles include: Lego Superheores, Lego Ninjago and Peppa Pig books. The books will be available to the readers soon.
Thank you for your valuable contribution!
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