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MYP/DP teacher-parent meeting

Dear Parents and Guardians,
This is to remind you that on Monday 24th October at 3.30 - 5.00 pm.  we are holding a teacher-parent meeting for you to get class and subject teachers' feedback on your children' s progress and conduct. First, short meetings with form teachers are going to take place and later you will have an opportunity to talk with subject teachers individually, if needed. 
MYP parents will also be asked to take part in a short questionaire connected with the programme implementation at ISOB, the results of which will contribute to the upcoming MYP and PYP IB evaluation. Therefore, we would be grateful for numerous attendance. 
Below you will find the information on where form and subject teachers will be waiting for you.
Form teachers- classroom allotment for the meetings:
G6 - Aleksander Dagiel, room 19
G7 - Edyta Nowakowska, room 27
G8 - Jerzy Janiec, room 17a
G9 - Maciej Sas, room 17
G10 - Sławoimira Olejniczak, room 20
G11 - Katarzyna Skruszewicz, room 18
G12 - Małgorzata Chrzan, room 25
Other teachers:
room 23a - Iwona Wisniewska, Sara Malinowska
room 19a - Christelle Langrand
room 26 - Wiktor Sroka, Marek Telecki
room 40 - Katarzyna Martens, Aleksandra Mreła
room 5 - Agata Grudzka
room 36 - Aneta Lipska, Małgorzata Chrzan
room 14 - Katarzyna Chmara-Collins
room 11 - Włodzimierz Masierak
room 23 - Mikołaj Kozłowski, Anita Kotowska

Textbooks for the new school year

Here you will find textbooks lists for all the IB programmes. Check them frequently and expect updates.

PYP textbooks for 2016-2017

MYP textbooks for 2016-2017

DP textbooks for 2016-2018


Inauguration info 2016/2017

Dear Parents,

I am happy to inform you that the Joint Force Training Centre (see the map in the attachment) again will support the school year  2016-2017 opening in the Auditorium on Thursday, 1st September:

  • 09.00 am PYP (Grade 0-5)
  • 11.00 am MYP  plus DP (Grade 6-12)

Because of growing number of students of ISOB, this year we have decided to open the school year in two groups to accommodate everyone in the JFTC Auditorium. 

Car users will be requested to use entrance from Eugeniusza Połtyna Street. 

Foot walkers will be requested to use the entrance from Szubińska Street. Please see the draw of the agenda of the Inauguration below.

  1. "Ode to joy"
  2. Welcoming remarks by the student's representative.
  3. Welcoming remarks by JFTC representative. 
  4. Welcoming remarks by the President of the University and the Principal of ISOB.
  5. Admission of new students to the school community.
  6. Closing remarks by the student's representative.

Here is also The Oath which will be said during  "Admission of new students to the school community".

The oath:

Being aware of the rights and duties of the International School of Bydgoszcz as well as the responsibilities of a member of a school community, I hereby solemnly swear:

I will seek the truth, the fundament of all science (I SWEAR) I will gain lasting knowledge and abilities (I SWEAR) I will uphold the norms, social standards and traditions of the school(I SWEAR) I will cultivate the good name of our school and the honour of its students (I SWEAR)


The words of the oath of the new students will be asked to say the words "I SWEAR". This is what is indicated in parentheses.

In that day there will be no ongoing classroom lessons, no lunch and no common room. After the official Inauguration you will request to come to school (23 Gałczyńskiego Street) for meetings with the Form Teachers.


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Summer Holiday Photo Competition!

Use your imagination!

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